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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 06 June 1841

Thanks to Sheila Yeo for extracting these records and to David Holland for making them available electronically from the extracts, for more information contact either of them.
This page is sorted by Census Place.

Name Rel Age Birthplace Census Place Occupation
William W.   20   Chagford Ag Lab
John W.   42   Coleridge Ag Lab
Elizabeth   43   Coleridge  
Henry W.   14   Coleridge  
Mark W.   12   Coleridge  
Samuel W.   36   Coleridge Ag Lab
Ann W.   35   Coleridge  
Richard W.   5   Coleridge  
Samuel W.   3   Coleridge  
Ann W.   9m   Coleridge  
John WESTAWAY   55   Cornworthy Ag Lab
Eliz.   45   Cornworthy  
Thomas W.   30   Cornworthy Ag Lab
Mary W.   25   Cornworthy  
William W.   6   Cornworthy  
Thomas W.   1   Cornworthy  
John WESTAWAY   48   Drewsteignton F. Lab
Ann W.   48   Drewsteignton  
Harriet W.   16   Drewsteignton  
Ann W.   13   Drewsteignton  
James W.   6   Drewsteignton  
Elizabeth W.   2   Drewsteignton  
George WESTAWAY   40   Drewsteignton  
Ann Northcott W.   40   Drewsteignton  
Mary W.   18   Drewsteignton  
John W.   7   Drewsteignton  
Ann W.   4   Drewsteignton  
James W.   8   Drewsteignton  
Sophie W.   13   Drewsteignton F. Serv.
Joseph WESTAWAY   55   Dunsford Ag Lab
Jane WESTAWAY   55   Dunsford  
Susanna LEE   65   Dunsford Farmer
John WESTAWAY   20   Dunsford  
Eliza W.   15   E. Nymph App.
William W.   25 Devon Exbourne Cooper
Elizabeth   20 Devon Exbourne  
Grace W.   2m Devon Exbourne  
William W.   15   Hatherleigh Machine M. App.
Elizabeth W.   30   Hatherleigh  
Elizabeth W.   14   Hollacombe  
Richard W.   10   Honeychurch  
William W.   40   Honeychurch Ag Lab
Joanna W.   30   Honeychurch  
Mary W.   12   Honeychurch  
Mark W.   9   Honeychurch  
Henry W.   5   Honeychurch  
Samuel W.   3   Honeychurch  
William W.   20   Iddesleigh Tailor
Charles WILLS       Ilsington Yeoman
Susanna WESTAWAY   18   Ilsington F. Serv.
Benjamin WESTWAY   25   Kingsteignton Carpenter
Ann WESTAWAY   34   Littleham Exm'th Poulterer
John   14   Littleham Exm'th  
George   12   Littleham Exm'th  
Charles   7   Littleham Exm'th  
Thomas   5   Littleham Exm'th  
Henry Lawrence W.   3   Littleham Exm'th  
Anne Cecilia W.   11m   Littleham Exm'th  
Mary W.   35   Newton Abbot Grocer & Druggist
Ann W.   9   Okehampton  
Henry WESTAWAY   60   Priestcott Farmer
Mary   65   Priestcott  
Henry WESTAWAY   15   Priestcott  
Mary   15   Priestcott  


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