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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 06 June 1841

Thanks to Sheila Yeo for extracting these records and to David Holland for making them available electronically from the extracts, for more information contact either of them.
This page is sorted by Census Place.

Name Rel Age Birthplace Census Place Occupation
Elizabeth W.   11   Reddaway  
Frances W.   2   Reddaway  
Mark W.   25   S.C.  
Athaliah W.   20   S.C. F.S.
Francis W.   50   S.C. Schoolmaster
Elizabeth W.   50   S.C.  
Mark W.   15   S.C.  
Charity W.   11   S.C.  
Margaret W.   8   S.C.  
John W.   6   S.C.  
Richard W.   4   S.C.  
George W.   16   S.C.  
John W.   70 Devon S.C. Farmer
William W.   67   S.C. Farmer
Ann W.   50   S.C.  
John W.   30   S.C.  
Jane W.   24   S.C.  
William W.   16   S.C.  
Ann W.   15   S.C.  
Elizabeth W.   55   S.C.  
John W.   60   S.C. Shoemaker
George W.   10   S.C.  
Richard W.   75   S.C. Ag Lab
Ann W.   69   S.C.  
John W.   40   S.C. Ag Lab
Dorothy W.   30   S.C.  
Henry W.   35   S.C. Ag Lab
Ann W.   35   S.C.  
Ann W.   9   S.C.  
Jane W.   6   S.C.  
Mark W.   1   S.C.  
Samuel W.   1   S.C.  
Charles W.   52   S. Tawton  
James W.   35   S. Tawton Ag Lab
Ann W.   30   S. Tawton  
Elizabeth   10   S. Tawton  
James W.   9   S. Tawton  
William W.   1   S. Tawton  
Eliza W.   10   S. Tawton  
Harriet W.   8   S. Tawton  
William W.   40   S. Tawton Shoemaker
Joanna W.   48   S. Tawton  
Rebecca W.   18   S. Tawton  
Margaret W.   12   S. Tawton  
John W.   50   S. Tawton  
Grace W.   81   S. Tawton  
George W.   35   S. Tawton  
Mary W.   30   S. Tawton  
William W.   6   S. Tawton  
Mary W.   4   S. Tawton  
Samuel W.   25   S. Tawton  
Elizabeth W.   25   S. Tawton  
Samuel W.   3   S. Tawton  
Mary W.   1   S. Tawton  
John W.   75   S. Tawton  
Rebecca W.   70   S. Tawton  
Elizabeth W.   30   S. Tawton  


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