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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 07 April 1861

Thanks to Sheila Yeo for extracting these records and to David Holland for making them available electronically from the extracts, for more information contact either of them.
This page is sorted by Census Place.

Name Relationship Born Birthplace Census Place Occupation
Maria W Head 1801 Bradninch Ashburton Baker and Grocer
Jane Dau 1832 Ashburton Ashburton  
Maria W Dau 1837 Ashburton Ashburton  
Henry BEARD G'Son 1848 Plym. Ashburton  
James W Son 1828 Ashburton Ashburton  
Ann W D in Law 1828 Inwardleigh Ashburton  
Bessie G'Dau 1860 Ashburton Ashburton  
John W Head 1820 Ashburton Ashburton Baker and Grocer
Mary Wife 1821 Ashburton Ashburton  
Susan Dau 1845 Ashburton Ashburton  
John W Son 1846 Ashburton Ashburton  
Emme Dau 1850 Ashburton Ashburton  
Ann Dau 1853 Ashburton Ashburton  
Charlotte Dau 1855 Ashburton Ashburton  
Ellen Dau 1858 Ashburton Ashburton  
William Son 1860 Ashburton Ashburton  
Richard W Head 1829 Honeychurch Beaford  
Betty Wife 1832 Beaford Beaford  
Mary Dau 1856 Beaford Beaford  
Hannah M in Law 1789   Beaford  
Will W Head 1780 Belstone Belstone Ag Lab
Mary Wife 1790 S/C Belstone  
Henry W Head 1824 Belstone Belstone Farmer
Eliza Jane Wife 1836 Drewsteignton Belstone  
Eliza Dau 1858 Belstone Belstone  
Jan Dau 1860 Belstone Belstone  
John S Serv 1848 Belstone Belstone Cow Boy
George W Head 1784 Belstone Belstone Ret Farmer
George W Head 1787 Belstone Belstone Ret Farmer
Henry W Head 1825 Belstone Belstone Farmer
Eliza Jane Wife 1837 Drewsteignton Belstone  
Eliza Dau 1859 Belstone Belstone  
Jane Dau 1860 Belstone Belstone  
John S W Serv 1849 Belstone Belstone  
Wiliam W Head 1781 Belstone Belstone Ag Lab
Mary W Wife 1791 S/C Belstone  
Thomas W Head 1809 Cornworthy Berry Pomeroy Ag Lab
Mary Wife 1811 Dittisham Berry Pomery  
Thomas W Son 1840 Cornworthy Berry Pomery Ag Lab
Elizabeth Dau 1847 Berry Pomery Berry Pomery Schol.
Betsey Dau 1850 Berry Pomery Berry Pomery Schol.
George Son 1853 Berry Pomery Berry Pomery Schol.
Thomas LAY H        
Margaret W. Serv. 1826 West ? Bideford Gen Serv
Joshua W. Head 1838 Bradworthy Bradworthy Carpenter
Elizabeth Grace Wife 1842 Bradworthy Bradworthy Dressmaker
Elizabeth Margaret Dau 5M Bradworthy Bradworthy  
William W Head 1794 Bradworthy Bradworthy Last Messenger
Margaret Wife 1796 Sutcombe Bradworthy  
Thomas W Head 1835 Bradworthy Bradworthy Plumber Painter Glazier
Jane Mary Wife 1830 Lympstone Bradworthy Dressmaker
Mary Margaret Dau 1860 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Elizabeth CLAPP Niece 1846 Lympstone Bradworthy House Serv.
Thomas JENNINGS Head 1819 Bradworthy Bradworthy Machine ?
Mary Wife 1821 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Edmund Son 1847 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Sarah Jane Dau 1850 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Ann WESTAWAY Dau 1852 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Regina W. Dau 1854 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Mark W. Head 1824 Sutcombe Bradworthy Schoolmaster and Tomb Engraver
Sophie Wife 1826 Thornbury Bradworthy  
Edmund COLE Son 1848 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Elijah Son 1851 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Joseph HOLMAN Head 1818 Abbotsham Bradworthy Bailiff
Joseph W. Serv. 1847 Bradworthy Bradworthy  
Samuel HILLS Head 1824   Bradworthy Farmer
Athalia W. Serv. 1845 Bradworthy Bradworthy H Serv.
Thomas DODD Head 1816   Broadhempston Ag Lab
James W. Lodger 1836 Broadhempston Broadhempston  
Sharlot W. Lodger 1839 Ipplepen Broadhempston  
John W. Head 1805 Broadhempston Broadhempston Ag Lab
Harriet Wife 1799 Ashburton Broadhempston  
John W. Lodger M 1839 Broadhempston Broadhempston Ag Lab
Elizabeth W. Lodger M. 1833 Staverton Broadhempston  
John W. Son 3M Broadhempston Broadhempston  
John W Head 1798 S Tawton Burrington Farmer
Fanny Wife 1796 Wemworthy Burrington  
William Son 1839 Chawleigh Burrington  
John Son 1853 Burrington Burrington  


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