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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 07 April 1861

Thanks to Sheila Yeo for extracting these records and to David Holland for making them available electronically from the extracts, for more information contact either of them.
This page is sorted by Census Place.

Name Relationship Born Birthplace Census Place Occupation
Elizabeth MARINGS Head Wid. 1786 Iddesleigh Dowland Farmer
Jane SHANLEY Dau 1811 Iddesleigh Dowland  
Gilbert W. G/Son 1856 Dowland Dowland  
George W Head 1797 S Tawton Drewsteignton  
Ann Wife 1797 Shaldon Drewsteignton  
James Son Unm. 1834 S Tawton Drewsteignton  
John W   1791   Drewsteignton  
Ann   1792   Drewsteignton  
James W Head M. 1835 Drewsteignton Drewsteignton  
Harriet   1836 Moretonh'sted Drewsteignton  
William W Head 1825 Dunsford Dunsford Ag Lab
Maria Wife 1823 Cheriton Bishop Dunsford  
Emma Dau 1851   Dunsford  
Mary Jane Dau 1854   Dunsford  
Mariam Dau 1856   Dunsford  
John Son 1858   Dunsford  
Maria Dau 1859   Dunsford  
William Son 1860   Dunsford  
Joseph W Lodg. Wid. 1782 S Tawton Dunsford  
Grace W Head Wid. 1780 Ivybridge Exeter Laundress
Susan Dau. Unm. 1816 Cardiff Exeter  
James W Head 1826 Exeter Exeter St D. Mason
Emma Wife 1826 Exeter Exeter St D.  
Elizabeth Dau 1856 Exeter Exeter St D.  
William J Son 1860 Exeter Exeter St D.  
John W Head 1820 Exeter Exeter St D. Mason
Elizabeth Wife 1825 Exeter Exeter St D.  
William Son 1842 Exeter Exeter St D.  
James Son 1849 Exeter Exeter St D.  
Mary Ann Dau 1854 Exeter Exeter St D.  
Ann W Head Unm. 1804 Ashburton Exeter St Sid. Lodging H/K
William W Head 1828 Exeter Exeter St Sid. Ag Lab
Elizabeth Wife 1824 Crediton Exeter St Sid.  
Mary Ann Dau 1849 Exeter Exeter St Sid.  
Walter Son 1852 Exeter Exeter St Sid.  
Elizabeth Dau 1853 Exeter Exeter St Sid.  
Sarah Ann Dau 1857 Exeter Exeter St Sid.  
William W Son 1858 Exeter Exeter St Sid.  
Charles Son 4m Exeter Exeter St Sid.  
Arthur Bro. Wid. 1837 Heavitree Exeter St Sid. Lab on Rway
Nathaniel W Head 1826 Winkleigh Hatherleigh Farmer of 98 acres
Ann Wife 1826 Winkleigh Hatherleigh  
Sarah Dau 1853 Winkleigh Hatherleigh  
Eleanor? Dau 1860 Hatherleigh Hatherleigh  
Henry W Head 1838 Honeychurch Inwardleigh Ag Lab
Elizabeth Wife 1838 Inwardleigh Inwardleigh  
Emma Dau 1858 Inwardleigh Inwardleigh  
William W Head. Wid 1795 Exbourne Inwardleigh Ag Lab
Samuel W Head 1822 S/C Kingsteignton  
Mary   1811 Kingsteignton Kingsteignton  
George   1834 Kingsteignton Kingsteignton  
Mary   1839 Kingsteignton Kingsteignton  
Benjamin   1842 Kingsteignton Kingsteignton  
Benjamin W Head 1818 S Zeal Kingsteignton Carpenter
Catherine   1820 Kingsteignton Kingsteignton  
Ann   1848 Kingsteignton Kingsteignton  
Susan   1852 Kingsteignton Kingsteignton  
Catherine   1860 Kingsteignton Kingsteignton  
Harriet   1841 S Zeal M'h'stead  
Mark W Head 1833 Honeychurch Okehampton Farm Lab
Dinah Wife 1838 Bratton Clovelly Okehampton  
John Son 9m Germansweek Okehampton  


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