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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 07 April 1861

Thanks to Sheila Yeo for extracting these records and to David Holland for making them available electronically from the extracts, for more information contact either of them.
This page is sorted by Census Place.

Name Relationship Born Birthplace Census Place Occupation
Georgina W G/D 1840 Sourton S/C Cook
John W Head 1810 S/C S/C Farmer
Ann Mother 1786 North Bovey S/C  
Ann Sister 1819 S/C S/C  
William Bro 1824 S/C S/C  
John W Head 1796 S/C S/C Ag Lab
Elizabeth Sister 1804 S/C S/C  
John W Head 1823 S/C S/C Ag Lab
Ann Wife 1827 S/C S/C  
Emma Dau 1853 S/C S/C  
John W Son 1856 S/C S/C  
Henry W Head 1799 S/C S/C Ag Lab
Ann Wife 1801 S/C S/C  
John W   1790 S Tawton S Tawton Ag Lab
Thomas W   1853 S Tawton S Tawton Carter
George W Head 1804 S Tawton S Tawton Ag Lab
Mary Wife 1810 S Tawton S Tawton  
Mary Dau 1838 S Tawton S Tawton Dressmaker
George W Son 1845 S Tawton S Tawton  
John Son 1848 S Tawton S Tawton  
James Son 1852 S Tawton S Tawton  
Samuel W Head 1815 S Tawton S Tawton Bootmaker
Elizabeth Wife 1814 S Tawton S Tawton Bookbinder
Samuel W Son 1839 S Tawton S Tawton Scholar
Mary Dau 1840 S Tawton S Tawton Scholar
Harriet Dau 1846 S Tawton S Tawton Scholar
Susan Ann Dau 1849 S Tawton S Tawton  
Benjamin S W Son 1852 S Tawton S Tawton  
Elizabeth Dau 1854 S Tawton S Tawton  
Roder J Dau 1856 S Tawton S Tawton  
Elizabeth W Head 1794 Chagford S Tawton Pauper
Henry ROTHMAN     Shaldon St Giles in the Wood Curate
Mary Ann W Serv. Unm. 1840 Winkleigh St Giles in the Wood  
Betsey W Serv 1835 Bradworthy Sutcombe  
Eliza J W Niece 1857 Sutcombe Sutcombe  
Jane W Serv 1834 Sandford Tormoham Serv
Mark W Head 1828 Colebridge Tormoham Porter
Margaret Wife 1826 Orkney Isles Tormoham Dressmaker
William Thomas Son 1853 Paignton Tormoham  
Alfred James Son 1855 Torquay Tormoham  
Margaret Bell Dau 1860 Torquay Tormoham  
John W Head 1831 Colebrook Tormoham Cab Driver
Ann Wife 1828 Stockland Tormoham  
Jessie Dau 1854 Paignton Tormoham  
Elizabeth BABBAGE Head 1802 Torquay Tormoham Laundress
Thomas Son 1839 E Allington Tormoham  
Ann Wife 1839 Tormoham Tormoham  
Emma G/D 1860 Tormoham Tormoham  
Ann W Niece 1840 S/C Tormoham  
Robert W Head 1802 S Tawton Tormoham  
Jane Wife 1797 Kentisbeare Tormoham  
John W Head 1800 Coldridge Tormoham Farm Lab
Mary Wife 1803 Torquay Tormoham  
Ann W Serv 1842 Torre Tormoham  
William W Head 1813 S/C Tormoham  
Elizabeth Wife 1820 Exborne Tormoham  
Julia Dau 1843 S Tawton Tormoham  
William Son 1848 Torquay Tormoham  
Elizabeth Dau 1848 Torquay Tormoham  
Amelia Dau 1849 Torquay Tormoham  
George Son 1860 Torquay Tormoham  
Elizabeth W Serv 1841 Broadh'stead Tormoham  
Joanna W Head 1810 Ashcombe Tormoham  
Ann W D in Law 1828 Shaldon Tormoham  
Georgia   1857 Shaldon Tormoham  
Samuel W Serv 1837 Oakhampton Tormoham  
Samuel W Head 1824 Coleridge Tormoham Mason
Fanny Wife 1824 Coleridge Tormoham  
John Son 1850 Torquay Tormoham  
Mary Dau 1852 Torquay Tormoham  
William Son 1854 Torquay Tormoham  
Fanny Dau 1855 Torquay Tormoham  
Emma Dau 1857 Torquay Tormoham  
Clara Dau 1m Torquay Tormoham  
William W Head 1814 S/C Tormoham  
Elizabeth Wife 1821 Exbourne Tormoham  
Julia Dau 1844 S Tawton Tormoham  
William W Son 1849 Torquay Tormoham  
Amelia Dau 1854 Torquay Tormoham  
George Son 1860 Torquay Tormoham  


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