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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 31 March 1901

Thanks to Sheila Yeo and Paul Ashton for extracting and making these records available.

This page is sorted by Christian Name and Year of Birth.

Name Age Birth Place Census County Census Place Occupation
... Westaway 60 Scotland Auchencoxsis Bristol Bristol Greengrocer
A Westaway 26 Dartmouth Devon Dartmouth Embroider
Aaron Westaway 58 Dalton Devon Devon Okehampton Farm Labourer
Ada Westaway 25 Devon Dunterton Devon Gt Torrington Leather Glove Machinest
Ada Westaway 20 Cornwall Lostwithiel Cornwall Lostwithiel Dressmaker
Ada Westaway 20 Bermondsey London Newington Shirt Machinist
Ada Westaway 21 Devon South Zeal Devon South Tawton  
Agnes Westaway 17 Bristol St Michaels Bristol Bristol Bag Maker
Agnes Westaway 22 Surrey Croydon Surrey Croydon C B Croydon Laundress
Agnes Westaway 24 Somerset Burrington Gloucester Hinton  
Agnes Westaway 3 London London Kensington  
Alathea Westaway 23 Devon Kingsteignton Devon Kingsteignton  
Albert Westaway 27 Devon Barnstaple Cornwall Lostwithiel General Labourer
Albert Westaway 1 Hants Portsmouth Southampton Portsmouth  
Albert Westaway 3 Devon South Zeal Devon South Tawton  
Alfred Westaway 3m Devon Wrafton Devon Braunton  
Alfred Westaway 31 Bristol Bristol Bristol Commercial Clerk
Alfred Westaway 6 London Hackney London Hackney  
Alfred Westaway 2 Essex Leyton Essex Leyton  
Alfred Westaway 34 Devon Exeter Devon Tormoham Torquay Domestic Coachman
Alfred Westaway 1mth Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Alfred Westaway 3 Devon Berry Pomeroy Devon Totnes  
Alfred Westaway 50 Devonshire Cornwall Town Of Falmouth General Labourer
Alfred Westaway 12 Cornwall Helston Cornwall Town Of Falmouth  
Alia Westaway 13 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Alice Westaway 66 Devon Oakhampton Devon Ashburton Green Grocer
Alice Westaway 33 Stoke Devon Lancashire Rawtenstall ... Nurse
Alice Westaway 40 Devon Ledmouth Devonshire South Brent  
Alice Westaway 11 Newton Abbot Devon Cornwall Truro St Mary  
Alice Westaway 8 Cornwall Bodmin Cornwall Tywardreath  
Amelia Westaway 21 Kent Plumstead London Plumstead General Servant Domestic
Amelia Westaway 25 Devon Hooe Cornwall St Stephens  
Amelia Westaway 55 Devon Totnes Devon Tormoham With Torquay Charwoman
Amy Westaway 20 Middlesex London Battersea Dressmaker
Ann Westaway 49 Bradworthy Devon Devon Bradworthy  
Ann Westaway 15 Cornwall Hillhampton Devon Gt Torrington Leather Glove Maker
Ann Westaway 74 Devon Winkleigh Devon Hatherleigh  
Ann Westaway 65 Devon Northam Devon Northam Laundress
Ann Westaway 72 Devon Sampford Courtenay Devon Spreyton  
Anna Westaway 48 Cornwall Lezant Devon Gt Torrington  
Anna Westaway 45 Devon Newton Abbot Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot  
Anne Westaway 36 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth Drapers Assistant
Anne Westaway 10 Devon Coleridge Devon Zeal Monachorum  
Annie Westaway 46 Devon Culmstock Devon Culmstock Living On Own Mean
Annie Westaway 24 Devon Woolfardisworthy Devon Landkey Assistant Domestic
Annie Westaway 12 Devon Torguay Devon Paignton  
Annie Westaway 23 Devon Babbacombe Devon Paignton Domestic Serv
Annie Westaway 21 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Annie Westaway 40 Torquay Devon Devon St Mary Church  
Annie Westaway 36 Gloucester Cheltenham Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Annie Westaway 34 Modbury Devon Cornwall Truro St Mary  
Annie Westaway 9 Newton Abbot Devon Cornwall Truro St Mary  
Annie Westaway 14 Devon Mary Tavy Hants West Meon Entire  
Annie Westaway 13 Devon Winkleigh Devon Winkleigh Farmers Daughter
Annie Westaway 21 Devon Torquay Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot Dressmaker
Arthur Westaway 12 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Arthur Westaway 11 Devon Marldon Devon Marldon  
Arthur Westaway 27 Devon Exeter Hampshire Portsmouth Gunner Royal Navy
Arthur Westaway 2 Hants Portsmouth Hampshire Portsmouth  
Arthur Westaway 40 Torquay Devon Devon St Mary Church Boot +Shoe Healer
Arthur Westaway 40 Torquay Devon Devon St Mary Church Boot +Shoe Healer
Arthur Westaway 14 Berry Pomeroy Devon Devon Totnes Bicycle Shop
Arthur Westaway 10M Truro Cornwall Cornwall Truro St Mary  
Asenath Westaway 37 Clovelly Devon Devonshire Woolfardisworthy  
Athaleah Westaway 76 Devon Bradworthy Exeter Exeter Parish Relief
Athaleah Westaway 46 Exeter Exeter Exeter Laundry Porter
Aurthur Westaway 24 Worcestershire Hagley Devonshire Paignton Footman Domestic
Batie Westaway 14 Yorks Sheffield Sheffield Brightside Bierlow  
Beatie Westaway 16 Bristol Sheffield Brightside Bierlow Drapers Assistant
Beatrice Westaway 16 St George Bristol Bristol Bristol Paper Bag Maker
Beatrice Westaway 7 Willington Somerset Somerset Clevedon  
Beatrice Westaway 19 Cornwall Lostwithiel Cornwall Lostwithiel  
Beatrice Westaway 18 Devon Stoke Gabriel Devonshire Paignton General Serv Domestic
Beatrice Westaway 24 Jersey St Clements Middlesex Willesden  
Benjamin Westaway 38 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy Carpenter
Benjamin Westaway 2 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Bertha Westaway 6 Somt Wellington Somerset Wellington  
Bertie Westaway 5 Glamorgan Cardiff Glamorganshire Canton  
Bertie Westaway 12 Walworth London Newington  
Bertram Westaway 21 Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban Blacksmith
Bessie Westaway 10 Somt Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Bessie Westaway 23 Cornwall Penryn Cornwall Falmouth  
Bessie Westaway 10 Devon Lopsham Devonshire South Brent  
Bessie Westaway 26 Corn Saltash Cornwall St Stephens Labourer Naval Ordance
Betram Westaway 2m Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban  
Betsy Westaway 66 Bafford Devon Devon Filleigh Charwoman
Birty Westaway 3 Devon Zeal Mona Devon Zeal Monachorum  
Blanche Westaway 15 Devon Torquay Devon West Teignmouth Dressmaker Apprentice
Caroline Westaway 44 Devonshire Plymouth Lancaster Blackpool Managers Hotel
Caroline Westaway 25 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy Housekeeper
Caroline Westaway 60 Glos East Dean Gloucestershire East Dean  
Caroline Westaway 54 Cornwall Millbrook Devon East Stonehouse  
Caroline Westaway 25 Devon Plymouth London Plumstead  
Catharine Westaway 5 Essex East Ham Essex East Ham  
Catherine Westaway 9 Devon Monkokehampton Devon Broadwood Kelly  
Catherine Westaway 39 Cornwall Lisrock London Hackney  
Catherine Westaway 7 London Edmonton London Hackney  
Catherine Westaway 33 Monmouth Cheptow Devon Heavitree Draper
Catherine Westaway 41 Devon Kingsteignton Devon Kingsteignton School Teacher
Catherine Westaway 10 Woolfardisworthy Devon Devonshire Woolfardisworthy  
Cecil Westaway 7 London Fulham London Battersea  
Charles Westaway 27 Bristol Bristol Bristol Tailor Tuimmer
Charles Westaway 25 Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban Mason
Charles Westaway 40 Devon Exeter Essex East Ham Tunnell Miner
Charles Westaway 40 Devon Exeter Essex East Ham Tunnell Miner
Charles Westaway 30 Glostershire Fairford London Hackney Police Constable
Charles Westaway 8 Edmonton Middlx London Hackney  
Charles Westaway 21 Somerset Burrington Gloucester Hinton Farmers Son
Charles Westaway 19 Devonshire Tiverton London Lambeth General Labourer
Charles Westaway 4 Essex Leyton Essex Leyton  
Charles Westaway 38 Devon Stonehouse Cornwall Lostwithiel Railway Examiner
Charles Westaway 33 Devon Totnes Devon Tormoham Torquay Plumber
Charles Westaway 4 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Charles Westaway 5 Cornwall Falmouth Cornwall Town Of Falmouth  
Charles Westaway 47 Devon Chudleigh Devon West Teignmouth Fisherman
Charles Westaway 24 Devon Newton Abbots Devon Withycombe Raleigh Tinsmith
Charlotte Westaway 56 Devon Bondleigh Devon Monk Okehampton  
Clara Westaway 9 Devon Hennock Devon Bovey Tracey  
Clara Westaway 51 Bristol Sheffield Brightside Bierlow  
Clarance Westaway 18 Coryton Devon Devonshire Kingsbridge And Dodbrooke Stu
Clarence Westaway 8M Devon Heavitree Devon Heavitree  
Claud Westaway 11 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Constance Westaway 2M Walthamstow Essex Essex Walthamstow  
Cyril Westaway 7 Devon Plymouth Bradford Bradford  
124 Records


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