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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 31 March 1901

Thanks to Sheila Yeo and Paul Ashton for extracting and making these records available.

This page is sorted by Christian Name and Year of Birth.

Name Born Birth Place Census County Census Place Occupation
Daisy Westaway 9 Devon Tremaine Devon Parkham Scholar
Daisy Westaway 16 Kent Abbey Wood London Plumstead Domestic Servant
Damaris Westaway 23 Glos Ruardean Gloucestershire East Dean  
Daniel Westaway 56 Devon Tavistock London Islington Carpenter
Daura Westaway 20 Devon Compton Devon Paignton General Servant Domestic
Dina Westaway 63 Devon Braddon Hants West Meon Entire Hut Keeper
Dinah Westaway 48 Devon Kingsteignton Devon Kingsteignton  
Don Westaway 4 Devon Marldon Devon Marldon  
Dora Westaway 13 Cornwall Camelford Cornwall Wadebridge  
Doris Westaway 1 Plumstead London Plumstead  
Dorothy Westaway 3 London Battersea London Battersea  
Dorothy Westaway 5 London London Kensington  
Dorothy Westaway 7 Walworth London Newington  
Dorothy Westaway 1 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Dorothy Westaway 1 Devon Berry Pomeroy Devon Totnes  
Dunbas Westaway 35 Brighton Glamorganshire Canton Railway Engine Driver
Earth Westaway 59 Newport Bristol   Dressmaker Machinist
Edith Westaway 37 Mdx Paddington London Battersea  
Edith Westaway 5 London Fulham London Battersea  
Edith Westaway 18 London Battersea London Battersea Dressmaker
Edith Westaway 22 Devon Exeter Exeter Exeter Dressmaker
Edith Westaway 2W London Hackney London Hackney  
Edith Westaway 27 Paddington London Kensington Upholsterer
Edith Westaway 20 Hants Portsmouth Southampton Portsmouth Ladies Maid
Edith Westaway 35 Devon ?orthy Devon Tormoham  
Edith Westaway 8 Torbryan Devon Devon Totnes  
Edward Westaway 3 Cornwall St Stephens Cornwall St Stephens  
Edwd Westaway 5 Glostershire Cinderford Gloucester East Dean  
Edwin Westaway 20 Somt Bristol Bristol Bristol Silversmith
Edwin Westaway 60 Devon Tavistock Devon East Stonehouse Publican
Edwin Westaway 22 Devon Newton Abbot Devon Withycombe Raleigh Tin Plates Worker
Elenor Westaway 25 Cornwood Devon Devonshire Paignton  
Elijah Westaway 50 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy Engraver On Stone And Tempr
Hotel Proprietor
Eliza Westaway 58 Budveck Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban  
Eliza Westaway 32 Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban Dressmaker
Eliza Westaway 35 London St Lukes Essex East Ham  
Eliza Westaway 9 Cornwall Anthony London Hackney  
Eliza Westaway 42 Devon Exeter Devon Marldon  
Eliza Westaway 16 Cornwall Heston Cornwall St Agnes  
Eliza Westaway 76 Devon Crediton Cornwall St Agnes  
Eliza Westaway 71 Devox South Tatan London St Margt & St John
The Evangelist Westminster
Eliza Westaway 57 Devon Torquay Devonshire Tormoham With Torquay  
Eliza Westaway 25 Totnes Devon Of Middlesex Willesden Cook Domestic
Eliza Westaway 74 Rotherhithe London London   Needlewoman
Elizabeth Westaway 38 Dorset Buckland Newton Devon Barnstaple  
Elizabeth Westaway 11 Okehampton Devon Devon Beaworthy  
Elizabeth Westaway 60 Devon Drewsteignton Devon Belstone  
Elizabeth Westaway 22 Devon Christow Devon Bishopsteignton Housemaid Domestic
Elizabeth Westaway 68 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy Living On Own Means
Elizabeth Westaway 14 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Elizabeth Westaway 6 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Elizabeth Westaway 44 Somt Bristol Bristol Bristol Of Beer License & Grocer
Elizabeth Westaway 17 Devon Topsham London Camberwell Shop Assist Cycle
Elizabeth Westaway 22 London Clapham London Camberwell Mantle Machinist
Elizabeth Westaway 23 Devonshire Much Leigh Salop Church Preen Parlour Maid Domestic
Elizabeth Westaway 6M Essex East Ham Essex East Ham  
Elizabeth Westaway 78 Devon Exeter Exeter Exeter  
Elizabeth Westaway 63 London London Middlesex Fulham  
Elizabeth Westaway 30 Devon Heavitree Devon Heavitree  
Elizabeth Westaway 57 Hereford Stretton Sugwas Middlesex Hendon  
Elizabeth Westaway 22 Devon Dolton Devon Iddesleigh  
Elizabeth Westaway 59 Cornwall Bodmin Devon Kingsteignton  
Elizabeth Westaway 31 Nymett Rowland Devon Devon Morchard Bishop  
Elizabeth Westaway 46 Devon Exeter London Newington  
Elizabeth Westaway 69 Hatherleigh Devon London Paddington Sick Nurse
Elizabeth Westaway 49 Cornwall Calstock Devon Plymouth  
Elizabeth Westaway 65 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Elizabeth Westaway 33 Okehampton London St George Hanover Sq Heeful Maid Domestic
Elizabeth Westaway 18 London Camden London St Georges Hanover Sq Servant Domestic
Elizabeth Westaway 66 St Helier Jersey Jersey St Helier  
Elizabeth Westaway 37 Bethnal Green London St Margt & St John
The Evangelist Westminster
Elizabeth Westaway 18 St Marylebone London London St Pancras  
Elizabeth Westaway 30 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Elizabeth Westaway 76 Devon Chudleigh Devon West Teignmouth  
Elizabeth Westaway 78 Devon Meeth Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot  
Elizabeth Westaway 42 Devon Liverpool Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot Dress Mantle Maker
Elizabeth Westaway 46 Woolwich London Woolwich  
Elizah Westaway 23 Devon Bradworthy London St Georges Hanover Sq Drapers Assistant
Elizth Westaway 36 Teignmouth London Fulham ...Agent
Elizth Westaway 16 Devon Plymouth Yorkshire Shipley  
Ella Westaway 16 Devon Lifton Devon Coryton Pupil Teacher
Ellen Westaway 28 Devon Littleham Middlesex Acton  
Ellen Westaway 35 Devon Broadwood Widger Devon Mary Tavy  
Ellen Westaway 29 Middlesex Tuickenham London Paddington  
Ellen Westaway 15 Devon South Zeal Devon South Tawton  
Ellen Westaway 56 Molton Devon London St Pancras  
Ellen Westaway 11 Staverton Devon Devon Totnes  
Ellen Westaway 9 London Hoxton Essex Walthamstow  
Ellen Westaway 25 Devon Bideford Devon Withycombe Raleigh  
Elsie Westaway 2 Devon Iddesleigh Devon Iddesleigh  
Elsie Westaway 14 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Emily Westaway 34 Okehampton Devon Devon Beaworthy  
Emily Westaway 7 Essex East Ham Essex East Ham  
Emily Westaway 8 London Edmonton London Hackney  
Emily Westaway 35 Cornwall N K London Hackney  
Emily Westaway 14 New Southgate Middlx London Hackney  
Emily Westaway 22 Devon Belston Devon Kings Kerswell Housemaid Domestic
Emily Westaway 16 Devon Northam Devon Northam  
Emily Westaway 26 Pendleton Lancashire Lancaster Pendleton Assistant School Mistress
Emily Westaway 10 Cornwall Delabole Hants West Meon Entire  
Emily Westaway 55 Devon Teignmouth Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot Dressmaker
Emily Westaway 30 Devon Kingswear Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot Nurse Domestic
Emma Westaway 44 London Southwark London Camberwell Collar Button Hole Machinist
Emma Westaway 39 Devon Winkleigh Devon Coldridge Entire  
Emma Westaway 29 Devon Exeter Exeter Exeter Parlourmaid Domestic
Emma Westaway 77 Devon Exeter Exeter Exeter  
Emma Westaway 9 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Emma Westaway 36 Cornwall Zealah Cornwall Tywardreath  
Emma Westaway 56 Devon Plymouth Middlesex Willesden Living On Own Means
Erma Westaway 18 Devon Topsham London Camberwell Shop Assist Cycle
Ernest Westaway 13 Devon Marldon Devon Marldon Cow Boy On Farm
Ernest Westaway 1 St Blazey Cornwall Cornwall St Blazey  
Ernest Westaway 5 Devon Berry Pomeroy Devon Totnes  
Ernest Westaway 21 Newton Abbott Devon     Member Of Crew Per Column 2
Ester Westaway 28 St Philips Bristol Bristol Bristol Cigar Maker
Ethel Westaway 21 Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban  
Ethel Westaway 10 Devon Coldridge Devon Coldridge Entire  
Ethel Westaway 8 Kent Abbey Wood Kent Erith  
Ethel Westaway 19 Devon Feniton Honiton Devon West Teignmouth Dressmaker
Ethel Westaway 17 London Paddington Middlesex Willesden Clerk
Etty Westaway 2 Kent Abbey Wood Kent Erith  
Eva Westaway 39 Devon Okehampton Devon Belstone Housekeeper Domestic
Eva Westaway 2 Devon Bovey Tracey Devon Bovey Tracey  
Eva Westaway 21 St George Bristol Bristol Bristol Boot Machinist
Eva Westaway 4 London Hammersmith London Fulham  
Eva Westaway 14 Devon Torquay Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot  
Eveline Westaway 1 Northants Sibbertoft Northampton Sibbertoft  
Ewart Westaway 1 Cornwall St Stephens Cornwall St Stephens  
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