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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 31 march 1901

Thanks to Sheila Yeo and Paul Ashton for extracting and making these records available.

This page is sorted by Christian Name and Year of Birth.

Name Born Birth Place Census County Census Place Occupation
Violet Westaway 1 Cornwall Budock Cornwall Budock Rural  
Violet Westaway 8M Devon Exmouth Devon Withycombe Raleigh  
Wallace Westaway 29 Devon Tavistock London Islington Telegraphist
Walter Westaway 14 Somt Bristol Bristol Bristol Cabinet Maker
Walter Westaway 3 St George Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Walter Westaway 26 Marylebone London London St Marylebone Tailor Waistcoat Maker
Wellmath Westaway 20 Little Hempston Devon Devonshire Paignton General Servant
Wilfred Westaway 1 Woolfardisworthy Devon Devonshire Woolfardisworthy  
William Westaway 1M London Battersea London Battersea  
William Westaway 27 Devon Belstone Devon Belstone Blacksmith
William Westaway 39 Plymouth Devon Bradford Bradford Buyer Wholesale Draper
William Westaway 15 St George Bristol Bristol Bristol  
William Westaway 66 Crediton Devon Bristol Bristol Tailor
William Westaway 22 St Philips Bristol Bristol Bristol Litho Printer
William Westaway 3 Devon Broadwood Kelly Devon Broadwood Kelly  
William Westaway 35 Cornwall Budock Cornwall Budock Rural Carpenter
William Westaway 7 Cornwall Falmouth Cornwall Budock Rural  
William Westaway 29 Devon Woolfardisworthy Devonshire Bulkworthy Farmers Son
William Westaway 49 Devon Down St Mary Glamorganshire Canton Stone
William Westaway 36 Devon Coldridge Glamorganshire Canton Gas Stoker
William Westaway 2M Glamorgan Cardiff Glamorganshire Canton  
William Westaway 8 Devon Coldridge Devon Coldridge Entire  
William Westaway 22 Devon Winkleigh Bedfordshire Dunstable Michaniest Engineer
William Westaway 60 Devon Winkleigh Gloucestershire East Dean Inn Keeper
William Westaway 4 Essex East Ham Essex East Ham  
William Westaway 32 Exeter Devon Exeter Exeter Masons Lab
William Westaway 30 Glos Churcham Worcestershire Great Malvern Grocers Clerk
William Westaway 37 Devon Winkleigh Devon Iddesleigh Ordinary Agricultural Labourer
William Westaway 57 South Zeal Devon London Kensington Job Maker
William Westaway 11 Great Bentley London Kensington  
William Westaway 34 Devon Stonehouse Cornwall Lostwithiel General Laborer Railway
William Westaway 79 Devon West Putford Devon Meeth Tailor
William Westaway 71 Crediton Devon Devon Morchard Bishop Living On Own Means
William Westaway 60 Devon Buckland Brewer Devon Northam Cab Proprietor
William Westaway 36 Cornwall Falmouth London Paddington Coachman Domestic
William Westaway 65 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth Retired Shipwright
William Westaway 76 Devon Sampford Courtenay Devon Sampford Courtenay Farmer
William Westaway 40 Devon Dunsford Devonshire South Brent Basket Maker
William Westaway 40 Devon Dunsford Devonshire South Brent Basket Maker
William Westaway 17 Devon South Zeal Devon South Tawton General Labourer
William Westaway 41 Devon Exeter Cornwall St Agnes Examiner Railway
William Westaway 28 London Of London St John Postman
William Westaway 2 Chelsea London St Margt & St John
The Evangelist Westminster
William Westaway 17 Exeter Devon Surrey St Nicholas Clerk Railway
William Westaway 31 London St Pancras London St Pancras French Polisher
William Westaway 7 London Marylebone London St Pancras  
William Westaway 58 Meith Devon London St Pancras Journeyman Tailor
William Westaway 29 Marylebone London London St Pancras Journey Man Tailor
William Westaway 31 Devon Sutcombe Cornwall St Stephens Market Gardener
William Westaway 35 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Partner With Above
William Westaway 30 Devon Totnes Devon Tormoham General Labourer
William Westaway 2 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
William Westaway 62 Devon Dartington Devonshire Tormoham With Torquay Cabinet Maker
William Westaway 29 Devon Plymouth Devon Totnes Cabinet Maker
William Westaway 4 Berry Pomeroy Devon Devon Totnes  
William Westaway 39 Plymouth Devon Essex Walthamstow Printers Machine Minder
William Westaway 14 London Hoxton Essex Walthamstow Office Boy
William Westaway 3 Somt Wellington Somerset Wellington  
William Westaway 40 Devon Braddon Hants West Meon Entire Navvy
William Westaway 40 Devon Braddon Hants West Meon Entire Navvy
William Westaway 18 Devon Virginston Hants West Meon Entire Navvy
William Westaway 49 Devon Chudleigh Devon West Teignmouth Caretaker In Cemetery
William Westaway 46 Devon Torquay Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot Night Watchman G W R
William Westaway 6 Devon Newton Abbot Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot  
Winifred Westaway 6 Hants Winchester Devon Barnstaple  
Winifred Westaway 1 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Winnefrid Westaway 1 Devon Zeal Mona Devon Zeal Monachorum  
Wm Westaway 62 Truro Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban Hotel Porter
Wm Westaway 55 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Sawyer
70 Records


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