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Thanks to Sheila Yeo for extracting and making this record available.

The Will of Gilbert Westaway, died 1611

Gilbert left a will when he died in 1611
The will was dated 9 Sep 1611 and proved on the 24th October, 1611
He was then a yeoman in the parish of Sampford Courtenay.  He requested a Christian burial
Item He left the poor of Sampford Courtenay 12d to be distributed to them by his sonne Barnebye and by his executrix
Item he left his sonne William Westaway 6 13s 4d
Item he left Alyce, Agnes, Sidwell and Johane Westaway daughters of his son Barnabye, 6s 8d apiece to be put to the use of the said children by the discretion of his son Barnabye and his overseer until they attained the full age of 21
The rest of his goods not given nor bequeathed unto his daughter Alice Westaway whom he made his whole and sole executrix.
Item he desired and appointed William Norcote of Bowmeade and Giles Yeeles (Ellis?) to be his rulers and overseers of his will

Witnessed by Gieles Yeeles and Wm Hurst.

Inventory 33 4s 4d
Taken by Wm Quick, Barnabye Westaway, William Norcote & Gieles Elles on the 17th October, 1611



Ref. Manorial Deeds extracted by Mr Robert Westaway, as they appear in the Westaway Chronicle. 11.4.1596 William Westaway, a free tenant, who held the estate and tenement called 'Honeycote', has died since the last court of 7 Feb 1594, and Gilbert Westaway, his father, aged 50, was his heir. William died 8.3.1593/4

This means that Gilbert must have had two sons named William and that the second William married 1. Alse Knight and 2 Thomasine Dunsford.


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