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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 31 March 1901

Thanks to Sheila Yeo and Paul Ashton for extracting and making these records available.

This page is sorted by Christian Name and Year of Birth.

Name Age Birth Place Census County Census Place Occupation
Fanny Westaway 76 Devon Coleridge Bristol Bristol Living On Own Means
Flora Westaway 9 Okehampton Devon Devon Beaworthy  
Florence Westaway 27 Kent Deptford London Camberwell  
Florence Westaway 10m Devon Iddesleigh Devon Iddesleigh  
Florence Westaway 9 Gt Bentley Essex London Kensington  
Florence Westaway 17 Surrey Wimbledon Essex Leyton Housemaid Domestic
Florence Westaway 19 Torquay Devon Devon St Mary Church Dressmaker
Florence Westaway 26 St James London London St Marylebone  
Florence Westaway 13 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham  
Florence Westaway 7 Totnes Devon Devon Totnes  
Florence Westaway 17 London Haggerston Essex Walthamstow Slipper Maker
Florence Westaway 32 Essex Longhton Middlesex Willesden  
Florence Westaway 2 Willesden Grn Middlesex Willesden  
Florence Westaway 34 Gloucester Middlesex Wood Green Coffee House Keeper
Florence Westaway 3 Islington London Middlesex Wood Green  
Frances Westaway 13 St George Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Frances Westaway 7 Devon Broadwood Kelly Devon Broadwood Kelly  
Frances Westaway 48 Devon Topsham London Camberwell  
Frances Westaway 27 Devon Bradworthy Devon Huntshaw Entire Housemaid Domestic
Francis Westaway 13 Devon Plymouth Bradford Bradford  
Frank Westaway 30 Devon Torquay Somerset Bath Coal Merchants Manager
Frank Westaway 8 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Frank Westaway 20 Bristol Sheffield Brightside Bierlow Plummber
Frank Westaway 4M Marylebone London Kensington  
Frank Westaway 12 Devon Lopsham Devonshire South Brent  
Frank Westaway 4 Walthamstow Essex Essex Walthamstow  
Frank Westaway 32 London Marylebone Middlesex Willesden Telegraph Clerk
Fred Westaway 15 Bristol Sheffield Brightside Bierlow Drapers Assistant
Fred Westaway 15 Devon Highweek Devon Highweek Fellmongers Laborer
Freddy Westaway 9 Devon Newton Abbot Devon    
Frederic Westaway 3 Somerset Bath Somerset Bath  
Frederick Westaway 28 Devon Hagwill Hants Alton Engine Driver
Frederick Westaway 8 Cornwall Tremaine Hants Alton  
Frederick Westaway 4 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Frederick Westaway 31 Devons Dartmouth Glamorganshire Canton Mechanical Haughtsman
Frederick Westaway 7 London Pimlico London Fulham  
Frederick Westaway 17 London London Middlesex Fulham  
Frederick Westaway 9 Devon Marldon Devon Marldon  
Frederick Westaway 27 Devon Plymouth Devonshire Plymouth Ardifier Royal Navy
Frederick Westaway 23 London St Pancras London St Marylebone Shoe Maker
Frederick Westaway 9 Cornwall Falmouth Cornwall Town Of Falmouth  
Frederick Westaway 18 Devon Torquay Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot Stone Mason
Frederick Westaway 30 Longway Devon Middlesex Wood Green Coffee House Keeper
Frederick Westaway 5 Islington London Middlesex Wood Green  
Frederick Westaway 36 Gloucestershire Cheltenham Essex Woodford Civil Service Board Of Education
Fredk Westaway 1 London London Kensington  
Fredreck Westaway 4 Hants Portsmouth Southampton Portsmouth  
Fredrick Westaway 35 Devon Plymouth Southampton Portsmouth Railway Engine Driver
Frencis Westaway 1 Hants Alton Hants Alton  
George Westaway 34 Devon Exeter Devon Barnstaple Manager Of Retail Boot Shop
George Westaway 33 Belstone Devon Devon Beaworthy Platelayers
George Westaway 23 London West Riding Of York Boston Spa Groom Private Royal Culilly
George Westaway 8 Somt Bristol Bristol Bristol  
George Westaway 21 Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban Shipwright
George Westaway 21 Devonshire Plymouth Gloucestershire Cheltenham Bootmakers Assistant
George Westaway 66 Devon Kingsteignton Devon Kingsteignton Charge Man G W R Loco Shed
George Westaway 14 Devon Kingsteignton Devon Kingsteignton Clay Carter
George Westaway 42 Devon Torquay Devon Marldon General Labourer
George Westaway 15 Devon Marldon Devon Marldon Gardener
George Westaway 24 Little Hempston Devon Devonshire Paignton General Labourer
George Westaway 48 Devon Totnes Devon Plymouth Gas Stoker
George Westaway 18 Devon Winkleigh Devon Winkleigh Farmers Son
George Westaway 29 Croydon London   Trooper
Georgina Westaway 4 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Georgina Westaway 2 Islington London Middlesex Wood Green  
Gertrude Westaway 16 Paignton Devon Devon Plymouth  
Gertrude Westaway 15 Devon Feniton Honiton Devon West Teignmouth  
Gilbert Westaway 22 Devon Hatherleigh Devon Inwardleigh Cattleman On Farm
Gladys Westaway 7 St George Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Gladys Westaway 1 London Kennington Surrey Croydon C B Croydon  
Gladys Westaway 8 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Godfrey Westaway 25 ... Thornbury Shropshire Shipton Entire ... Domestic
Goswich Westaway 12 Cornwall Launcells Northampton Sibbertoft  
Grace Westaway 4m Devon Broadworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Grace Westaway 62 Devon Northlew Devon Okehampton Hamlets  
Grace Westaway 43 Devon Coleridge Devon Zeal Monachorum  
Hannah Westaway 37 Devon Winkleigh Devon Broadwood Kelly  
Hannah Westaway 7 Wickwar Glos Gloucester Hinton  
Hannah Westaway 56 Devon Tavistock London Islington  
Hannah Westaway 34 Great Bentley London Kensington  
Hannah Westaway 10 Walworth London Newington  
Harold Westaway 2 Hants Winchester Devon Barnstaple  
Harriet Westaway 24 Devon Plymouth Devonshire Plymouth Drapers Assistant
Harriet Westaway 36 London London Shoreditch Tie Maker
Harriet Westaway 16 Devon South Tawton Devon South Tawton  
Harriot Westaway 58 Kew Surr London Kensington  
Harry Westaway 36 Devon Belstone Devon Belstone Gardener Domestic
Harry Westaway 18 Bristol Sheffield Brightside Bierlow Drapers Assistant
Harry Westaway 16 Somt Bristol Bristol Bristol Silversmith
Harry Westaway 12 London Islington Kent Erith  
Harry Westaway 38 Devon Plymouth London Hackney Excavator
Harry Westaway 5 London Hackney London Hackney  
Harry Westaway 28 Devon Tavistock London Islington Telegraphist
Harry Westaway 10 Kent Belvedere Essex Leyton  
Harry Westaway 14 Walworth London Newington  
Harry Westaway 10 Cornwall Launcells Northampton Sibbertoft  
Helen Westaway 27 Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Helen Westaway 27 Greece Greek Subject Glamorganshire Canton  
Helen Westaway 9 Wickwar Glos Gloucester Hinton  
Helen Westaway 46 Devon Teignmouth Devon West Teignmouth  
Helena Westaway 4 Devon Coldridge Devon Coldridge Entire  
Helena Westaway 27 Devon Berry Pomeroy Devon Totnes  
Hennrietta Westaway 59 Som Bedminster Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Henrietta Westaway 23 Dublin Ireland London Plumstead  
Henry Westaway 39 Devon Exeter London Battersea Foreman China Glass
Henry Westaway 77 Devon Belstone Devon Belstone Farmer
Henry Westaway 10 Devon Monkokehampton Devon Broadwood Kelly  
Henry Westaway 24 Cornwall Falmouth Cornwall Falmouth Shipwright
Henry Westaway 42 Devon Exeter London Newington Brass Finisher
Henry Westaway 3 Plumstead London Plumstead  
Henry Westaway 46 Cornwall Laincell Northampton Sibbertoft Farmer
Henry Westaway 34 Devon Winkleigh Somerset Wellington Tailor
Henry Westaway 9 Devon Feniton Honiton Devon West Teignmouth School Boy
Henry Westaway 7 Devon Coleridge Devon Zeal Monachorum  
Herbert Westaway 2 Cornwall Falmouth Cornwall Town Of Falmouth  
Herbert Westaway 11 Devon Feniton Honiton Devon West Teignmouth School Boy
Hettie Westaway 19 St Mary Church Devon Devon Tormoham With Torquay General Domestic
Hilda Westaway 16 Berry Pomeroy Devon Devon Totnes General Servant Domestic
Hilda Westaway 10 Newton Abbot Devon Cornwall Truro St Mary  
Horace Westaway 2 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Howard Westaway 15 London Paddington Middlesex Willesden Carpenter
121 Records


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