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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 31 March 1901

Thanks to Sheila Yeo and Paul Ashton for extracting and making these records available.

This page is sorted by Christian Name and Year of Birth.

Name Born Birth Place Census County Census Place Occupation
Ida Westaway 2 Glamorgan Cardiff Glamorganshire Canton  
Ida Westaway 17 Devon Morton Hampstead Devon Tormoham Nurse Domestic
Ivan Westaway 6 Devon Belstone Devon Belstone  
Ivy Westaway 8 St George Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Jack Westaway 25 Cornwall Camelford Devon Ide Railway Labourer
Jack Westaway 11 Cornwall Camelford Cornwall Wadebridge  
Jack Westaway 4 Middx Willesden Middlesex Willesden  
James Westaway 55 Broadhempstone Devon Devon Berry Pomeroy Agricultural Labourer
James Westaway 32 Bradworthy Devon Devon Bradworthy Manager Of Drapery Business
James Westaway 31 London Bristol Bristol Greengrocer
James Westaway 20 Devon South Molton Devon Chittlehampton Carter On Farm
James Westaway 15 Mdx Southgate Essex East Ham  
James Westaway 10 London Pimlico London Fulham  
James Westaway 36 Devon Plymouth London Hackney General Labourer
James Westaway 50 Devon Exeter Devon Heavitree Cellarmen
James Westaway 54 Devon Chudleigh Middlesex Hendon Usher Royal Cowers Of Justice
James Westaway 43 Devon Winkleigh Essex Leyton Gas Fitter For Gas Co
James Westaway 32 Zeal Monachorum Devon Morchard Bishop Wood Sawyer
James Westaway 55 Newton Devon Lancaster Pendleton Gardener Domestic
James Westaway 24 Plumstead Kent London Plumstead General Labourer
James Westaway 48 Devon South Tawton Devon South Tawton Poultry Dealer
James Westaway 21 Devon South Tawton Devon South Tawton Poultry Dealer
James Westaway 49 Tavistock Devon London St Marylebone Mechanical Engineer Inventor
James Westaway 32 Devon Totnes Devon Tormoham With Torquay Waggoner
James Westaway 57 Devon Crediton Southampton Winton Rn Warrent Office Retired
James Westaway 32 Broadhempstone Devon Devonshire Wolborough Labourer At Clay Works
James Westaway 8 Newton Abbot Devon Devonshire Wolborough  
James Westaway 66 Devon Drewsteignton Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot Coachman Not Domestic
James Westaway 44 Woolwich London Woolwich General Laborer
James Westaway 9 Devon Coleridge Devon Zeal Monachorum  
Jane Westaway 37 Devon Exeter St Sidwells Middlesex Acton Cook Domestic
Jane Westaway 70 Devon Lymstone Devon Bradworthy  
Jane Westaway 53 Bristol St Michaels Bristol Bristol  
Jane Westaway 23 St Philips Bristol Bristol Bristol Housemaid Domestic
Jane Westaway 50 Devon Exeter Devon Heavitree  
Jane Westaway 53 St Helier Jersey London Lewisham Book Keeper
Jane Westaway 40 London St Georges London St Pancras  
Jane Westaway 9 London Marylebone London St Pancras  
Jane Westaway 64 N Devon Sampford Courtenay Devon Tormoham Cook Domestic
Jane Westaway 41 Isle Of Man Cornwall Town Of Falmouth Charwoman
Jane Westaway 70 Devon Chagford Devon Wolborough With Newton Abbot Charwoman
Jennie Westaway 37 South Molten Devon Devon South Molton  
Jessie Westaway 10 Plumstead L Kent Erith  
Jessie Westaway 54 Devon Exeter Exeter Exeter Cook Domestic
Jessie Westaway 37 Cornwall Pe... Cornwall Lostwithiel  
Jessie Westaway 12 London Hoxton Essex Walthamstow  
John Westaway 6 Cornwall St Ken Hants Alton  
John Westaway 51 Devon Mieth London Battersea Tailor Shop Keeper
John Westaway 46 Middlesex London Battersea Grocer
John Westaway 49 Devon Crediton Devon Bovey Tracey Green Grocer Poulterer Shopkeeper
John Westaway 42 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy Carriage Builder
John Westaway 20 Bristol St Michaels Bristol Bristol Packer Fac L
John Westaway 39 Devon Winkleigh Devon Broadwood Kelly Farmer
John Westaway 57 Devon Woolfardisworthy Devonshire Bulkworthy Farmer
John Westaway 46 Devon Dimsford London Camberwell Shopkeeper China & Cycle
John Westaway 34 Devon Zeal Monachorum Devon Coldridge Entire Horseman On Farm
John Westaway 1 Devon Coldridge Devon Coldridge Entire  
John Westaway 76 Dittisham Devon Devon Dartmouth Retired Tailor
John Westaway 9 Essex East Ham Essex East Ham  
John Westaway 36 L Plumstead Kent Erith Blacksmith
John Westaway 17 London Hoxton Kent Erith Apprentice Blacksmith
John Westaway 68 Crediton Devon Exeter Exeter Boot Maker
John Westaway 2 London Hackney London Hackney  
John Westaway 62 America Gloucester Hinton Farmer
John Westaway 6 London London Kensington  
John Westaway 24 Gloster Bristol Of London Lambeth Baker
John Westaway 60 Devon Exeter Cornwall Lostwithiel Naval Pensioner
John Westaway 45 Devon Tavistock Devon Mary Tavy Farmer
John Westaway 9 Devon Tavistock Devon Mary Tavy  
John Westaway 79 Devon Winkleigh Devon Monk Okehampton Farmer
John Westaway 24 Devon Teignmouth Middlesex Paddington Draper
John Westaway 64 Channel Islands Guernsey London Paddington County Court Usher
John Westaway 11 Devon Frithelstock Devon Parkham Scholar
John Westaway 26 Devon Dunterton Devon Pilton East Miller Wheat Department
John Westaway 61 London St Pancras London Plumstead Bootm Shoe Maker
John Westaway 36 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth Decorator +House Painter
John Westaway 25 Devon Southmolton London Putney Stable Man Domestic
John Westaway 50 Devon South Zeal Devon South Tawton Poultry Dealer
John Westaway 19 Devon South Zeal Devon South Tawton Mason
John Westaway 42 Devon Sampford Courtenay Devon Spreyton Carters On Farm
John Westaway 5 St Austell Cornwall Cornwall St Blazey  
John Westaway 4 London St Pancras London St Pancras  
John Westaway 19 Surrey Pyrford Middlesex Staines Linoleum Floor Cloth Maker
John Westaway 39 Devon Oakhampton Devon Tormoham Coachmans Work
John Westaway 36 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay Plumber Gas Fitter Dealer
John Westaway 38 Holsworthy Devon Cornwall Truro St Mary Railway Foreman
John Westaway 4 Newton Abbot Devon Cornwall Truro St Mary  
John Westaway 6 Walthamstow Essex Essex Walthamstow  
John Westaway 26 Devon Presticott Bilstone London Wandsworth Police Constable
John Westaway 52 Devon Chudleigh Devon West Teignmouth Gardener
John Westaway 21 Devon Feniton Honiton Devon West Teignmouth Baker
John Westaway 46 Cornwall S Teath Devon Whitchurch Painter & Decorator
John Westaway 42 London St Marylebone Middlesex Willesden Carpenter
John Westaway 53 Devon Winkleigh Devon Winkleigh Farmer
John Westaway 20 Devon Winkleigh Devon Winkleigh Farmers Son
John Westaway 5 Newton Abbot Devon Devonshire Wolborough  
John Westaway 41 Devon Winkleigh Devon Zeal Monachorum General Labourer
John Westaway 20 Hennock Newton Abbott Devon     Ord Smn
Joseph Westaway 54 Devon Bradworthy Devon Gt Torrington Miller Flour
Joseph Westaway 27 London Plumstead London Plumstead Machenest Wood ...
Julia Westaway 85 Jersey St Helier Jersey St Saviour Living On Own Means
Kate Westaway 40 London Southward London Battersea  
Kate Westaway 49 Kent Ashford London Battersea  
Kate Westaway 36 Cornwall Camborne Cornwall Budock Rural  
Kate Westaway 37 Herts Hemel Hempstead Kent Erith  
Kate Westaway 14 Cornwall Heston Cornwall St Agnes  
Katharine Westaway 8 Lancashire Dalton In Furness Essex Woodford  
Katherine Westaway 40 Cornwall Torpount Bradford Bradford  
108 Records


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