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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 31 March 1901

Thanks to Sheila Yeo and Paul Ashton for extracting and making these records available.

This page is sorted by Christian Name and Year of Birth.

Name Age Birth Place Census County Census Place Occupation
Laura Westaway 28 Dorset Weymouth Somerset Bath  
Laura Westaway 21 Devon Exeter Devon Heavitree  
Laura Westaway 3 Hants Portsmouth Southampton Portsmouth  
Laura Westaway 50 Cornwall Wadebridge Cornwall Wadebridge  
Lena Westaway 3 London Fulham London Battersea  
Leonard Westaway 9 London Fulham London Battersea  
Leonard Westaway 2m Corn St Stephens Cornwall St Stephens  
Lesie Westaway 7 Willesden Gen Middlesex Willesden  
Lewis Westaway 27 London Camberwell London Battersea Tailor
Lewis Westaway 1 Hants Portsmouth Hampshire Portsmouth  
Lilian Westaway 2 Devon Belstone Devon Belstone  
Lilian Westaway 10 St George Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Lilian Westaway 2 Walthamstow Essex Essex Walthamstow  
Lilian Westaway 2 Newton Abbot Devon Devonshire Wolborough  
Lillian Westaway 6 Devon Coldridge Devon Coldridge Entire  
Lillian Westaway 25 Bucks Wraysbury Bucks Langley Marish  
Lillie Westaway 24 America British Subejct Glamorganshire Canton  
Lillie Westaway 3 Glamorgan Cardiff Glamorganshire Canton  
Lilly Westaway 17 Torquay Devon Devon St Mary Church Dressmaker
Louisa Westaway 36 Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Louisa Westaway 5 Devon Broadwood Kelly Devon Broadwood Kelly  
Louisa Westaway 20 Devon Woolfardisworthy Devonshire Bulkworthy  
Louisa Westaway 19 Wickwar Glos Gloucester Hinton  
Lucey Westaway 16 Devon Coleridge Devon Zeal Monachorum  
Lucy Westaway 5 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Lucy Westaway 37 London Camden Town Essex Walthamstow  
Lucy Westaway 10 London Hoxton Essex Walthamstow  
M Westaway 40 Devon Clotten Northampton Sibbertoft  
Mabel Westaway 22 Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban Shop Assistant Fancy
Mabel Westaway 7 Glamorgan Cardiff Glamorganshire Canton  
Mabel Westaway 17 Devon Woolsery Cornwall Kilkhampton  
Mabel Westaway 19 Devon Bradworthy Cornwall Morwinstow Housemaid
Mabel Westaway 8 Hants Portsmouth Southampton Portsmouth  
Mabel Westaway 10 Devon Ford Cornwall St Agnes  
Maggie Westaway 17M Devon Paignton Devon Highweek  
Margaret Westaway 27 Devon Broadworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Maria Westaway 63 Devon Barnstaple Exeter Exeter  
Maria Westaway 60 Warwickshire London   Nil
Marie Westaway 3 Glamorgan Cardiff Glamorganshire Canton  
Marjorie Westaway 1 Bristol Bristol Bristol  
Mark Westaway 28 Devon Broadworthy Devon Bradworthy Joiner And Carpenter
Mark Westaway 25 Glos Cheltenham Gloucestershire East Dean Grocer
Mark Westaway 17 Devon Kingsteignton Devon Kingsteignton Engine Cleaner G W R
Mark Westaway 67 Devon Markoakhampton Bucks Langley Marish Farmer
Mark Westaway 64 Devon Bradworthy Cornwall St Stephens Market Gardener
Mark Westaway 37 Devon Holsworthy Cornwall Tywardreath Railway Signalman
Mark Westaway 3 Woolfardisworthy Devon Devonshire Woolfardisworthy  
Martha Westaway 17 Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban Dressmaker
Martha Westaway 19 London Bayswater Middlesex Hendon  
Mary Westaway 40 Hartland Devon Devon Abbotsham Housemaid Domestic
Mary Westaway 24 Cornwall Eglesberry Hants Alton  
Mary Westaway 19 Devon Belstone Devon Belstone  
Mary Westaway 10 Devon Hennock Devon Bovey Tracey  
Mary Westaway 16 Camelford Cornwall Devon Bradworthy Telephonist
Mary Westaway 37 Devon Woolfardisworthy Devon Bradworthy  
Mary Westaway 51 Devon Totnes Bristol Bristol  
Mary Westaway 27 Falmouth Cornwall Cornwall Budock Urban Dressmaker
Mary Westaway 61 Devon Coldridge Devon Coldridge Entire Housekeeper
Mary Westaway 56 Paignton Devon Devon Dartmouth  
Mary Westaway 33 Hanham Bristol Gloucester East Dean  
Mary Westaway 2 Essex East Ham Essex East Ham  
Mary Westaway 21 London Bayswater Middlesex Hendon Typist
Mary Westaway 21 Devon Devonport London Islington  
Mary Westaway 50 Hatherleigh Devon Devon Okehampton  
Mary Westaway 57 Cam Bassingbourne London Plumstead  
Mary Westaway 6 Cornwall Launcells Northampton Sibbertoft  
Mary Westaway 48 Devon South Zeal Devon South Tawton  
Mary Westaway 43 Devon ... Cornwall St Agnes Navvy
Mary Westaway 30 Lostwithiel Cornwall Cornwall St Blazey  
Mary Westaway 1 London St Pancras London St Pancras  
Mary Westaway 63 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham  
Mary Westaway 32 Devon Totnes Devon Tormoham  
Mary Westaway 41 Littlehampston Devon Devon Totnes Charwoman
Mary Westaway 28 Somt Wellington Somerset Wellington  
Mary Westaway 49 Devon Kenton Devon West Teignmouth Shopkeeper
Mary Westaway 55 Devon Winkleigh Devon Winkleigh  
Mary Westaway 26 Devon Kenton Devon Withycombe Raleigh  
Mary Westaway 28 Kingsteignton Devon Devonshire Wolborough  
Mary Westaway 35 London Kensington Essex Woodford  
Mary Westaway 82 Woolsery Devon Devonshire Woolfardisworthy  
Maryann Westaway 34 Middlesex Hendon Essex Leyton  
Matilda Westaway 64 Cornwall Torpoint Cornwall Antony  
Matilda Westaway 47 Devon Tedburn St Mary Devon Bovey Tracey  
Matilda Westaway 24 Devon Christon Devon Bovey Tracey Green Grocer Shop Assistant
May Westaway 22 Cornwall Camelford London Lee Drapers Assistant
May Westaway 13 Cornwall Launcells Northampton Sibbertoft  
Medora Westaway 27 Devon Braunton Devon Pilton East  
Minnie Westaway 15 Devon Hennock Devonshire Bovey Tracey General Servant Domestic
Minnie Westaway 25 Surrey Croydon Surrey Croydon C B Croydon Laundress
Morbray Westaway 30 Devon Exeter Devon Heavitree Railway Clerk
Nathaniel Westaway 73 Devon Winkleigh Devon Hatherleigh Farmer
Nathaniel Westaway 22 Jersey St Clement Middlesex Willesden Bank Clerk
Nathanings Westaway 50 Bristol Sheffield Brightside Bierlow Plumber
Nellie Westaway 23 Bradworthy Devon Devon Bradworthy ...
Nellie Westaway 19 Bristol Sheffield Brightside Bierlow  
Nellie Westaway 11 Devon Tavistock Devon Mary Tavy  
Nellie Westaway 18 Bermondsey London Newington Button Holer
Nellie Westaway 3 Middlesex Oakleugh Park London Paddington  
Nora Westaway 24 Devon Northam Somerset Taunton St James Within  
Norah Westaway 6 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Norah Westaway 31 Devon Bradworthy Kent   Cook Domestic
Olive Westaway 5 Notts Nottingham Yorkshire Shipley  
Percy Westaway 16 Cornwall Lostwithiel Cornwall Lostwithiel Masons Labourer
Phillis Westaway 2M Paignton Devon Devonshire Paignton  
104 Records


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