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English Census Records

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This Census was conducted on Sunday, 31 March 1901

Thanks to Sheila Yeo and Paul Ashton for extracting and making these records available.

This page is sorted by Christian Name and Year of Birth.

Name Born Birth Place Census County Census Place Occupation
Rebecca Westaway 51 Shirehampton Glos Gloucester Hinton  
Reggie Westaway 2 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham  
Reginald Westaway 9 London Lambeth London Camberwell  
Reginald Westaway 2 Corn St Stephens Cornwall St Stephens  
Reginald Westaway 3 Middx Willesden Middlesex Willesden  
Reuben Westaway 7 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham  
Rhoda Westaway 57 Sussex Cowfield Surrey Croydon C B Croydon Laundress
Rhoda Westaway 20 Cornwall Kilhampton Devonshire Gt Torrington General Servant Domestic
Rhoda Westaway 16 Devon Virginston Hants West Meon Entire  
Richard Westaway 32 Bristol St Michaels Bristol Bristol Packetac
Richard Westaway 75 Devonshire Mary Tavy Devon Meeth Smith
Richard Westaway 24 Devon Winkleigh Devon Winkleigh Farmers Son
Richard Westaway 5 Devon Zeal Mona Devon Zeal Monachorum  
Richd Westaway 31 Glostershire Cheltenham Gloucester East Dean Provision Merchant
Robert Westaway 52 Meeth Devon Devon Bradworthy Painter
Robert Westaway 32 Stonehouse Devon Cornwall St Blazey Railway Wagon Repairer
Rosa Westaway 26 Devon Devonport Hampshire Portsmouth  
Rose Westaway 21 St Marylebone London London St Pancras Office Typewirter Etc
Roselina Westaway 21 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham With Torquay Servant Domestic
Rosetta Westaway 67 Suffolk Ipswich East Suffolk Kirkley  
Ruth Westaway 1M Glamorgan Cardiff Glamorganshire Canton  
Salome Westaway 48 Devon Hartland Devon Bradworthy  
Samuel Westaway 26 Bristol St Michaels Bristol Bristol Policeman
Samuel Westaway 52 Devon Torquay Bristol Bristol Railway Shunter
Samuel Westaway 14 Devon Coldridge Devon Down St Mary Cattle Boy On Farm
Samuel Westaway 61 Devon Sampford Courteney Exeter Exeter Formerly A Maltsterer
Samuel Westaway 1 London Hackney London Hackney  
Samuel Westaway 36 Devon Plymouth Devon Kingsteignton Clay Moulder
Samuel Westaway 18 Bristol Gloucester Kingswood Tram Conductor
Samuel Westaway 61 Devon Honeychurch Devon Okehampton Hamlets Farm Labourer
Samuel Westaway 10 Devon Okehampton Devon Okehampton Hamlets Attending School
Samuel Westaway 24 Devon London Paddington Drapers Assistant
Samuel Westaway 62 Devon Okehampton Devon Tormoham Lodging House Keeper
Samuel Westaway 11 Devon Torquay Devon Tormoham  
Samuel Westaway 13 Woolwich London Woolwich  
Sarah Westaway 53 Gloucestershire :Charlton Kings Gloucestershire Cheltenham  
Sarah Westaway 16 Mdx Clapton Essex East Ham  
Sarah Westaway 31 Exeter Devon Exeter Exeter Fish Hawker
Sarah Westaway 55 Newton Devon Lancaster Pendleton  
Sarah Westaway 57 Cornwall Truro Devonshire Plymouth Living On Own Means
Sarah Westaway 40 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Sarah Westaway 33 Hants Portsmouth Southampton Portsmouth  
Sarah Westaway 38 Devon Coledridge London Putney Cook Domestic
Sarah Westaway 30 Staffordshire Devon Tormoham Torquay  
Sarah Westaway 43 London N K Middlesex Willesden  
Sidney Westaway 21 Gloucestershire :Ashleworth Gloucestershire Cheltenham Railway Porter
Sidney Westaway 3 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth  
Sidney Westaway 23 Exeter London   Fireman M F B
Simon Westaway 24 Devon Belstone London Woolwich Police Constable
Stanley Westaway 2 Devon Marldon Devon Marldon  
Stanley Westaway 8 Cornwall Launcells Northampton Sibbertoft  
Stanley Westaway 2m Cornwall St Stephens Cornwall St Stephens  
Stanley Westaway 8 Woolfardisworthy Devon Devonshire Woolfardisworthy  
Susan Westaway 51 Ipplepen Devon Devon Berry Pomeroy  
Susan Westaway 36 Dorset Marshallsea Glamorganshire Canton  
Susan Westaway 41 Devon Lifton Devon Coryton School Mistress
Susan Westaway 63 Scotland London Paddington  
Susan Westaway 45 Devon South Tawton Devon South Tawton  
Susan Westaway 52 Devon Marldon Devon Tormoham Laundress
Susanna Westaway 51 Devon Woolfardisworthy Devonshire Bulkworthy  
Sydney Westaway 22 Devon Stonehouse Cornwall Lostwithiel General Labourer
Thomas Westaway 28 Devon Westward Hd Middlesex Acton Cricket Ground Man
Thomas Westaway 19 Merton Devon Devon Bradworthy Apprentice ...
Thomas Westaway 63 Devon Bradworthy Devon Bradworthy Manure And Feed Merchant
Thomas Westaway 21 Cornwall Hillhampton Devon Gt Torrington Harness Maker Sad
Thomas Westaway 29 Marylebone London London Kensington Cab Proprietor
Thomas Westaway 34 London London Kensington Grocer
Thomas Westaway 27 Devon Plymouth Devon Kingsteignton Engine Room Artificer Navy
Thomas Westaway 58 Devon Kingsteignton Devon Kingsteignton Coal Hawker
Thomas Westaway 38 Paddington London London Paddington Plumber
Thomas Westaway 24 Devon Plymouth Devon Plymouth Drapers Warehouseman
Thomas Westaway 39 Brayford Devon Devon South Molton Town Carter
Thomas Westaway 37 Westmoinster St James London St Margt & St John
The Evangelist Westminster
Cheesemongers Assistant
Thomas Westaway 54 Newton Bushel London St Pancras House Painter
Thomas Westaway 26 Corn St Dominic Cornwall St Stephens Labourer Naval Ordance
Thomas Westaway 44 Woolfardisworthy Devon Devonshire Woolfardisworthy Carpenter General Smith & Farmer
Thomas Westaway 86 Sutcombe Devon Devonshire Woolfardisworthy Farmer
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